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Youtubers In Thailand

Retired Working For You

Founded by the charismatic Chris Parker from Canada, his channel ‘Retired Working For You’ has two main goals; Firstly, to offer fun and informative videos from Bangkok and other parts of Thailand and secondly, to create a growing community of people who inspire one another to live life to the fullest. Here at The Bangkok Buzz, we really enjoy watching his videos, particularly when he does a 60-second Thailand news roundup featuring his hockey-obsessed alter-ego comedy character on the streets of Thailand. He creates new videos every week and his content is always fun, well-produced, and high-energy. He also likes to use a drone to get some awesome aerial shots of Thailand’s many fabulous sights. Chris and his team have also spent time developing a cool Thailand Travel app called Teenee, which can be downloaded from his website here. Chris does an excellent job at reviewing a huge number of street food spots in Bangkok. His food review videos are always entertaining, honest, and appeal to a wide audience of expats, tourists, backpackers, and locals.

Pay It Forward

Chris has a thoughtful program he calls Pay It Forward in an effort to make a positive difference in the country that he loves and lives. As a way of saying thank you to so many Thai people who have been so generous and welcoming to him, he felt it was time he returned the favor. You can watch his many Pay It Forward videos where he gives back to the community using the proceeds from the YouTube channel Retired Working For You and from their Merch sales, and you donate to the Living Waters Phuket charity through his website page here too.

The Bangkok List To Rule Them All

The Retired Working For You Channel recently completed a 20 video marathon rejig of the infamous ’25 Amazing Things To Do in Bangkok, Thailand’ Mark Weins video that has 7.6M views. Chris’s version is called ‘The Bangkok List To Rule Them All’ and he’s updated and changed around some of Mark’s original 25 things to do, definitely worth checking out. In the last episode, he meets Mark at a spicy Thai Somtum restaurant and Mark puts Chris through some really spicy local dishes, an awesome way to cap off this video conquest.